Sunday, October 16, 2011

Animal Tote

Today I am posting a picture of a tote I made for our United Way Campaign at work. The theme is dogs & cats. I made the tote and then filled it with dog/cat treats and toys.

I love carrying the tote bags with me in stores so I don't have to bring plastic home. Helping the environment whenever I can.


Sandy Jorgensen said...

That is the cutest bag Tracie!

Anonymous said...

Adorable - I just love it. I would like a tote with two labs on it please. :) I'm so glad you are filling it with an All Natural Treat. Go Three Dog Bakery!

Linda Palmer said...

Tracie, this is so awesome. I love this bag. Beautiful job on it. Everything about it is gorgeous....Hugs,

Debra G Smith said...

Tracie..I love this. ALOT! You are just so talented.