Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Napkin Card

This is my second card using paper napkins. I found these in my drawer. I now realize why I was keeping these beautiful napkins. There is always crafting potential in everything. Must be why I can't get rid of anything.

Projects completed for 2011 - 118 of 365


  1. Wow! Love it! I wanna try this technique sometime soon. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  2. Too funny about keeping things...I can now justify my stash as well! I'm going to have to try this when I finish the wedding scrapbooks! This is a great idea - it looks beautiful1

  3. Yup, collecting "stuff" is an addition in this craft! LOL! I am the same. Your napkin card turned out fantastic!! I haven't used napkins for cardmaking in a long time. Maybe I should give it a go again!


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