Sunday, April 19, 2015

Decorated Tray

I used to teach classes at a Local Scrapbook Store and we would do these trays for different holidays. Looking back, I loved teaching these classes and what beautiful trays that were made. 

 So I have finally decided to make one for myself.  I used alot of items that I love from Butterflies, Music, Coffee, Cats, Flowers, Friends, Family, Sewing and some of the projects I made in classes. The iris is for my group that we call ourselves that love to get together and make crafty things. 

Hope you enjoy this fun project as much as I did making it.  Have a great week.


Two Paper Divas said...

They were fun and you always did such a great job. I miss those days at RTRT. :( Mel

Jenny Ewing said...

Tracie, these trays were a lot of fun! The family one is in our bedroom on a dresser right now. Love it:)