Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday

Another birthday has come and gone for me and I just had to share some of the fantastic birthday cards that I received.  I received over 30 cards in the mail and what fun it has been over the last week to receive such fun birthday cards.  I just had to share some of these fun cards.

 Okay these cards were bought but still some cute cards

 These cards were from my friends that I have fun with in town.  Each one is so cute.

 These cards were from a friend and my niece.  Love them both
These cards were from friends on SCS who are part of a group called BRAK who send out birthday wishes each month.  Each one is so unique.
More cards from BRAK.

These cards were from a special group in SCS that I have been part of for a while.  I have such admiration for these girls.  I have been lucky enough to even meet Vickie and Linda.  Such a fun group.

Hope I didn't miss any but this gives a little inside look as to some of the beautiful cards that I have received.

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Imke said...

Wow, so many cards !! Tracie, it´s such a great selection.