Sunday, December 2, 2012

Marker Holder

I have some extra copic markers around my house and decided that I would try and make a fabric holder and use up some of that fabric I have sitting at home.  Below is what it looked like when completed.
 When you open up you will see that there are 2 sides to put your markers.  There is an extra piece of fabric to cover the markers and when the markers are sitting up, it will not slide on the table.
 Here you will see that this will hold up to 32 markers. 

Isn't this great how you can see the markers as they sit up.
If I ever get energetic and decide to make some more, I thought it would be great to color coordinate my markers.  So I should put all my green and pink ones in this carrier.
I guess we will see how many more I make.


Vickie Y said...

Tracie, this is so very creative and awesome! You are soooo talented.

Kathy said...

Tracie, this is great. Love the idea, and it came out beautifully! What a great idea to color coordinate them to the marker colors, too. This is so cool!

Linda Palmer said...

Awesome Tracie. You did a great job and I do love that material. It turned out beautiful.

Imke said...

Tracie, this is fabulous ! I have seen something like that in a sewing magazine. As a beginner, this war far too complicated for me. LOL I like your idea with the colors.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

Very cool way to organize your markers!

Angela said...

Yes, this is amazing! I had to come and check it out.... Beautifully done!