Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emily & Einstein Card

If you go to Color Me Creative Classroom, you will see that they have a book club which is lots of fun and if you are a reader, come join us. The book we read this month was Emily and Einstein by Linda Francis Lee. What a terrific book it was. Of course I love any book with animals involved. What a great read. I decided to join the challenge and make a card with this book in mind. This is what I imagined Emily & Einstein to look like.


  1. Your card is adorable! Such a cute image and colored perfectly. Love it!

  2. Your card is beautiful and so is your coloring. Love the image. Love your card. On the chat today for class #5 I won two refills. This weekend I'll get you some images.

  3. Tracie, I think this image is perfect for the book! Love it and your card! :^)



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