Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Happy 2011! Today is the day for New Year's Resolutions which of course I am famous with never following through. So this year instead of making my usual New Year's Resolutions (Loose weight, get more organized, etc.) I decided to do what I love. So I am going to challenge myself to make 365 cards/paper projects, post more often on my blog (my sister will love this one) and use every stamp set I own.

Project 1 is my second card for the Paper Trey Ink swap that I am in. I used my Love Lives Here stamp set that I recently got. I love the potential of this stamp set. Since hearts are my favorite thing, I can never make too many Valentine Day cards. So you might be seeing a few of those projects in the next couple of days.


  1. Happy New Year Tracie! I love your new year's resolutions! Loose weight? Why should work on that since it has not worked for the last who know how many years... Mine is to stay healthy!
    Have a blessed year!

  2. BTW...I love your card! I will make sure I make Valentine cards this year to mail out... Hey! That's my second new year's resolution!!!

  3. Love this idea! I had some catching up to do...haven't been on in a while. Reminds me of Julie and Julia...which I finally saw for the first time last weekend. Good Luck! :-)


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