Saturday, October 30, 2010

Debbi's Quilt

Today I am going to post a picture of a quilt I made for my sister Debbi several years ago. She just now put it on her bed because she felt she couldn't put it on because her dogs would get on it. She has lost all her dogs now and decided to bring it out. Of course if you look close, you will see a cat on the quilt. I told her quilts are made to be loved (By animals and people). Of course that comes from me who has 2 cats permanently on my bed. She picked out the fabrics and this is what we came up with. Thanks Deb from helping provide pictures to my blog. Tomorrow I will have my second blue Christmas card to post.

1 comment:

stoneybaloney said...

That's beautiful, Tracie. I don't blame Debbi for wanting to preserve it. I use my quilts daily but the dogs sure do take a toll on them. Much more than cats. :)

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